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About us

Medical Innovative Technology Company is located in the heart of South Ural, right in the capital of this region and capital of “meteorite rains” – Chelyabinsk City. The location permits to lead business in all territory of Russia as well as internationally. We have great opportunities for logistics besides the city is located on the way of the Silk Road.

The Company was established in 2008 with the group of enthusiasts who knows what diagnostics is and how it should works. Between our colleagues PhD holder, 2nd generation of chemists and people with successful international business experience. So love to diagnostics is in “the blood”.

MIT LLC represents numbers of European and Asian medical brands on the exclusive rights on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan as well as on all territory of the Customs Union.

For our international partners we offer consulting, promotion and marketing on all territory of Russia.

In the domestic market MIT is a distributor of main Russian producers that is certified on the territory of Russian Federation, the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia) and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (most countries of the former USSR). Some of our Russian producers have ISO and represented from the rest of the world including Europe.

Why we can be interesting for you?

Russia is a country of the contrasts. On the one hand we are tremendous because of our territory but from the other hand we are small because of population size. Any way Russian market is one of the most attractive for investments.

There were a lot of foreign companies who came here but didn’t meet successful result of their investments. Often it is connected with misunderstanding of Russian specific and mentality or wrong destination as well as law gaps.  

If you understand that you wish to expand you business activity to Russia but you don’t know how we can willingly cooperate with you. Our location permits to lead more adequate pricing policy at the same time you have almost the same opportunities than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But we understand that shipments from Moscow can also be convenient for our customer that’s why we expand our storage facilities to the Capital.

We are very flexible in business relations with our colleagues and understanding most doubts of international partners.  There are a lot of options we can offer for cooperation.

Don’t just think over about your business in Russia, do it! 

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